10 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Research Proposal Shine

A research proposal is a structured pre-view of the proposed research idea with its key elements discussed and elaborated in the context.  It addresses the questions of ‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ about the research statement. These questions are extensively elaborated in the theoretical framework of the topic and methodological approaches. It helps to foresee the prerequisites and possible outcomes of the problem. You can lay out your research plan on the analysis of the research proposal. The key elements of the proposal are

  • A comprehensive statement of the title
  • Precise and extensive literature review with critical analysis
  • The proposed methodology of the research to be conducted including research design, models of analysis, statistical tools and demonstration of the outcomes

The question of ‘What’ defines what is the research problem, illustrate the proposed research clearly and succinctly. The question of ‘Why’ must be followed by the critical analysis of the existing literature about the research statement. Provide a convincing argument and address the gaps and limitations of the previous studies to highlight the importance of the research statement. The question of ‘How’ summarizes the possible research design and statistical/ non-statistical analysis for the interpretations of the results. However, after acknowledging the basic requirements of the research proposal, you can use the following 10 tips and tricks to make your research proposal shinning

  1. Quality of writing is very important

The writing tone and jargon of the literature hold immense importance in every kind of literary writing. Research proposal write up must be coherent, clear in words and contain compelling arguments of the previous researches and new research to be conducted to maintain the comprehensive approach in data writing

  1. Explain the problem and purpose explicitly

What is the research and why do you need to conduct it? Dissertation writing services says yse the cross-analysis of the previous researches with the future requirement and limitations of the study to provide a complete statement of the purpose and need of your research. It allows the reader to find the usefulness and justification of this research to be implemented. A good statement or title of the research contains the ‘area of the problem’ ‘proposed methodology’ and ‘possible results’, connected under the view of previous literature.

  1. Evidence-based critical analysis of literature

The analysis of literature research proves the idea of the title problem along with the extent of the requirement of the proposed study. Several online databases can be used for making critical literature research. The word ‘critical’ is important as such analysis should provide the work or research conducted by the previous researchers along with the author’s perception about that research. It highlights the limitations and important findings that support the proposal. It must contain the following elements

  • Background of the subject title
  • Short literature review
  • Summary of the relevant key debates of the subject discipline
  1. Develop an elaborative rational

The rationale of the study describes the purpose of the study and research with a possible solution. It is built after a critical analysis of the literature explaining the novelty of the research and its significance that justifies the research. The main rigour of the research can be explained here. An idea that is comprehensively shared rather than the tentative explanation provides a better outlook and understanding of the author’s point of view.

  1. Gap analysis

Highlighting the gap analysis in literature puts more weight on your proposed study. It illustrates the previous researches limitations and the possibility of further researches in the already done work in a comprehensive tone.

Make Your Research Proposal Shine

  1. Methodology and analysis

Illustrate your methodology by formatted diagrams, flow sheets, smart arts and simulations to make your proposal stand out. You can use several software tools like Microsoft excel and make a diagram of your ideas.  It would depict your theoretical resources and practical resources as well. The analysis of the results outcomes should be explicitly elaborated by explaining the statistical data tools that would be sued, proposed modelling criteria and demonstration of the data in the forms of tables and figures.

  1. Significance of your research for the society and system

Illustrating the significance of research for society and proper implementation criteria can also build a proposal to stand out. A complete flow of the proposed study will have a high chance of getting accepted by fellow researchers.

  1. Subject knowledge and critical thinking

It provides an opportunity to exhibit the grip of the author on the title of research and methodology to be used. Critical analysis of review and proposed analysis is based on the personal skills of literature research. The author must learn and familiarize himself with the respective research arena. A comprehensive and good research proposal will display the critically analyzed research literature, data synthesis in the context, effective evaluation criteria of the research and data dissemination skills. A creative analyst and researcher mindset will be able to produce a cohesive piece of writing by accounting for the searching and analysis skills.

  1. References

References are also important in a research proposal. It provides an outlook of the included researches. As the literature researched in the critical analysis is old or new, the journal publishes selected are authentic and well cited by fellow researchers or not etc. The good referencing list must have been cross cited with publications of the latest year articles. You can choose Harvard or APA style for referencing that are mostly accepted. Moreover, the sequence of the components of the references

  1. Summary and time analysis

Overall proposal summary can make a good impression describing the background, methodology and analysis in one place. The time duration explained in the Ghent chart providing complete project details and division of research tasks makes an outlook as well comprehensively explains the research tenure.


The research proposal provides an overlook of the crucial parts of research that align with critical appraisals of the background of the discipline. It is necessary to write a good research proposal to provide a compelling argument of the requirement of your research. You can make your research proposal stand out and shine by following the above-mentioned tips.