What Are Career Clusters – Know All About It

Career ClustersChoosing a good career path is an important decision that can affect the rest of your life and happiness. However, it is not an easy decision, and to do this, you must have the right educational background and interest as well as skills that help to make the right choices. The right academic knowledge along with good choices and hard work can help you select the best career to enjoy a good life in the long run without regrets or thinking about what you could have done to make things better.

According to experts of assignment writing services, most people do not know about planning their careers and this is the main reason they face so many problems during their professional careers. It is necessary to understand that good careers do not happen or work out themselves. Just like you need the right ingredients and put them the right way to cook up a good meal, in the same way, you need to plan your career choices and make the right moves to enjoy the results.

A good career takes a long time to plan and you must keep your eyes and ears open to see what is happening and pay attention to what the world is doing. Hard work is not fun but it can pay off well in the long run. The first step in planning a career is to know what your options or possibilities are. Learn about career clusters and it will give you a chance to find jobs that help to enjoy your work life.

Career clusters are a group of careers that share common features. If you like one job in a cluster, you will most likely find other jobs in that cluster that work for you. Some top examples of three different career clusters are:

  • Health: People in this cluster help others enjoy a healthy life with a variety of jobs related to medicine and healing
  • Business: People in this cluster play a significant role in running companies by offering valuable services that help businesses run smooth
  • Public Safety: Workers in this cluster work with law enforcement agencies to protect people and make society a better place to live

This article discusses popular career clusters that everyone should know about who will be stepping into the professional life shortly to make the right choices:

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources:

The agriculture, food, and natural resources cluster include everything related to the creation of agricultural products. It is all about farmers, ranchers, scientists, engineers, and veterinarians.

Some career options in agriculture, food, and natural resources may require a degree in their specific field, either bachelor’s or master’s. There are other job options too that train people on the job and help them settle in the field. The work environment related to this job cluster mostly involved outdoor jobs so people who choose to work in these fields can look forward to being outside. Jobs in this cluster include:

  • Veterinarian
  • Environmental officer
  • Hazardous material handler

Architecture and Construction:

The architecture and construction cluster is meant for people who are interested in designing, building, and maintaining homes, industrial facilities, streets, or bridges. The roles vary from carpenter helper to safety engineers depending on the level of education and degree one has.

Most skilled tradespeople, like carpenters and plumbers, usually get their training on the job. People who are interesting in working in this field must possess strong math skills and should be passionate about design, home improvement, and décor. They get to work in homes, offices, or businesses of their customers. Jobs in this cluster include:

  • Architect
  • Plumber
  • Landscaper

Business, Management and Administration:

The business, management, and administration cluster offer job opportunities including business analysts, accountants, HR professionals and managers, and many entry-level positions, like receptionists, secretaries, and typists.

Most of the roles in Business, Management, and Administration require a bachelor’s degree. Some accounting positions may also require the Certified Public Accountant license. The typical work environment is an office, and many roles require working directly with customers. People who are interested in this career cluster need to develop strong communication skills and business acumen to handle the tasks well. Jobs in this cluster include:

  • Business development manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Marketing assistant

Education and Training:

The education and training career cluster holds job opportunities in teacher, tutor, and instructor roles. This area also offers good jobs for counselors, school psychologists, and speech-language pathologists who offer support and guidance to students during their academic careers. Elementary and secondary school teachers require a bachelor’s degree and a license, to get a job while college teachers need an advanced degree.

The best jobs related to this field are schools or colleges. This career cluster is most suitable for people who have strong leadership skills or want to act as role models for younger people and guide them in the right direction. Having a passion for a particular subject is an added benefit and can help teachers connect with their pupils on a deeper level. Jobs in this cluster include:

  • Preschool teacher
  • Teacher aide
  • School counselor

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People interested in this career cluster can find jobs as auditor, financial analyst, treasurer, economist, bank worker, debt counselor, or insurance professional. Most of the jobs in the finance career cluster require a bachelor’s degree or specialized certifications as this sensitive work and only someone with the right knowledge and training can do it right.

The right work environment for this job cluster is an office, an accounting studio, or a tax collecting agency. People who choose this field usually have strong math skills and possess the ability to explain difficult concepts to people who do not know much about it and cannot solve complex problems on their own. Jobs in this cluster include:

  • Bank teller
  • Accountant
  • Financial advisor

You must have a clear idea of what you want to do in life and which career cluster might fit your goals. With a good knowledge of career clusters and information on how things work, you can look forward to turning your passion into your career and enjoy the benefits it brings.